Packing For A Long Weekend


I’ll be honest.  I’m not a big traveler.  Home is best for me, but some of my loved ones live miles away and I certainly won’t hesitate to jump in the car to go see them!  Around Christmastime, I traveled out of state for a long weekend.  I left on a Friday and returned on the next Monday.  I’m going to walk you through the process of planning and packing for my trip.

First, you need to have a good packing list.  You can copy mine, or make one of your own.  If you invest a little time writing this all down, it will pay off BIG TIME each time you pack!  I got this idea from a You-Tuber that I often watch.  Thank you, Kathryn!


When packing clothes, I lay everything out by day of the week.  I make piles, including the outfit, socks, jewelry, etc.  Traveling light is important to me so I’m not afraid to wear the same pair of jeans twice- that’s just being smart!!

Here are my outfits.  I will be wearing an outfit on Friday, the travel day (not shown.)  Outfit #1 will be worn on Saturday, Outfit #2 will be a dressier outfit because it’s Sunday and we’ll be attending church. Outfit #3 (Monday) is a cozy and warm hoodie, and I will re-wear jeans from Saturday.  Comfort is important because Monday is a travel day! As far as shoes, I was wearing a pair of brown shoes and my second pair of shoes will match or go with all of the other outfits.  I also brought my slippers to wear at the hotel…gotta keep my tootsies warm!!  For jewelry, I chose to wear the same pair of earrings all weekend!  A fashion faux pas I’m sure, but it was easy and again, I like to travel light!


Next I packed my sexy nightgown (add sarcasm and eye roll  here.)  I also threw in some cozy clothes– a hoodie and pj pants to wear back at the hotel.  My undergarments were packed in an Eagle Creek Packing Cube to keep them all together.  You can find the packing cubes HERE.


Next I packed all of my cosmetics in this beautyagain, Kathryn, suggested this cosmetic bag!


Here are all of the items that I packed.  I love using all of the travel sized items- gives me another reason to go to Target, hehehe!  I love that this bag has a hook and can be hung on the back of the hotel bathroom door for easy, and out of the way, access!


I packed my makeup in this clear case from The Container Store, and used another zippered bag for all of my chargers and cords (phone, camera & kindle.)


I packed all of these things in one bag, grabbed my purse, and off I went on my trip!

When I returned from my trip, I put all of the travel bags back in my drawer and put the list on top for next time!


I hope you found this helpful!  As you can see, many of these ideas weren’t mine,  I just copied someone else’s great idea and made them work for me!

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  1. Sue Mackey says:

    Love how you are so organized. Are you sure that you are my daughter???