91 Day De-cluttering Challenge- Bathrooms


Mary’s challenge this week was to work on de-cluttering bathrooms.  We have three bathrooms in our home, but I only had the time to de-clutter and clean two.  These two bathrooms are on the main floor of our house.  (We have another in the basement too) One, is our master bathroom and the other is a bathroom in the main hallway, just off the kitchen.  Let’s start with my FAVORITE bathroom..the master bathroom.

I must preface this challenge by admitting that we have recently remodeled both bathrooms within the last two years, so I did a ton of work before this challenge.  A decision was made by me when moving “stuff” back into the new bathroom that we would try to have a minimalist attitude with our belongings.   So, may I present the BEFORE pictures…

Not too bad, but there’s some clutter that didn’t get put away…

IMG_0370 A water bottle, a neti pot, static guard, a brush and face wash.  This is a typical day at my house after my people leave for school/work.

Here’s the view from the shower stall…


Our OLD bathroom had hardly any storage, so when we designed this one, we kinda went overboard on the storage!!  We have lots of drawers and cabinets under the sinks, but we also had this beauty built.


Most of the de-cluttering happened inside this cabinet.  Here’s the before…


Here’s the during


Here’s the AFTER


The hot pink basket is my daughter’s…I had her take out all products and decide on the “keepers.”  She is 12 and just discovering how fun beauty products can be!!!  The basket serves as a boundary for number of products she can have at one time.

Again, my daughter’s assigned drawer in our bathroom on the other side of the room needed some work so I made a quick trip to my favorite store….TARGET, and purchased an organizer found in the bathroom section.  She was able to make decisions about her items and then loaded them up into the organizer so they wouldn’t slide around.  Now, I could have completed this task myself, but the goal is to teach our kiddoes how to do this, right?!  Everyone needs a sea shell in their bathroom drawer!! I guess that was something that was important to her!


The last thing I wanted to show you is the cabinet sitting right next to the toilet…the potty…the loo…

It’s this beautiful storage cabinet!  The top drawer looks like an actual drawer, but it’s actually a cabinet!  Here’s a peek inside and what each drawer holds!


Alright, let’s hop on over to the next next bathroom…Our Main Bathroom as we call it!

This bathroom had been designated as “the boys” bathroom because it was closest to their bedrooms.  As I’ve mentioned before, 2 of my sons are off at college so only 1 son is using it at this time. Here’s the bathroom- toilet on the left, shower on the right.


I’m not even going to show you the before pictures.  I’m sure you can imagine all of the dried up toothpaste, extra toothbrushes, sample mouthwashes, etc. that were inhabiting the cabinet to the left of the mirror.  Here’s the final product.


Here’s the cabinet to the right of the mirror… (my daughter’s nail polish stuff!)

**Please notice the cute dog face in the mirror**


Under the sink… I didn’t even have to de-clutter.  I just put items in a cleaning caddy!  It’s so much easier on the eyes, don’t you think?


and do you want to know the coolest thing of all??  There’s a cabinet attached to the wall over the toilet, and you know what??



Thanks for visiting and taking the time to read my De-cluttering adventure!  Next week Mary has us de-cluttering our garage.  Oh boy, temperatures have been in the 30’s so I’m not sure if I will accept that challenge or tackle my basement!  Come back next week and see!!


  1. Sue Mackey says:

    Very nicely done! Now, take a break!

    • One more week, one more week, and I will have completed the WHOLE challenge! Woo Hoo! Then I’ll take a break!! Thanks, Mom!

  2. Love clean and well organized bathroom!!I really liked your post! I need to declutter but don’t know where to start. Looking at what you did has given me motivation to do it. I have just bought some baskets..from thrift store and going to put them use for storing all the stuff there.

  3. Kacy Curran says:

    Jill, where did you find the caddy you used for your daughter’s nail polish? I think I am getting motivated. One drawer at a time. My whole house needs to be thrown out and started over…ha ha ha

    • Hi Kacy! I used to be a Mary Kay consultant and it was a part of the “nail kit” way back in the 1990’s! You might be able to find something similar at Target in the bathroom section. Good Luck!