91 Day Declutter Challenge!!

Yesterday, I started on a journey….a journey to declutter my house and only keep the things that I love or need!  I have joined the 91 day declutter challenge, organized by Mary Organizes.   It just so happens that this challenge is starting as I have said goodbye to my college boys for the summer, and my younger kids start school today!  Perfect timing!!  My intent is to blog each day of the challenge to hold myself accountable!


This week we are working on our Kitchen, Pantry and Dining Area.  Yesterday we were asked to clean out our fridge and freezer of expired or unused items.  I started early in the morning because I knew this one would require lots of effort and elbow grease if I was going to do it the way I wanted.

I started by taking a picture of my refrigerator before I started cleaning it out…not too bad, but very full and cluttered.


I took all of the food OUT and then washed down each shelf and bin…whew!  Particles of dried food and puddles of stickiness were found and eliminated!!

Expired food was mostly found in the doors of the fridge…the condiments and salad dressings.  I was able to then group like foods together and find an assigned place for them in the fridge.  This all “Dairy!”


These are all “BEVERAGES.”   (sorry for the beer–its not mine!)IMG_1361

Here’s the before and after of the fridge….I’m so HAPPY!!!!!!  Now, let’s hope it stays that way!….it won’t!

PicMonkey Collage

As for the freezer, I repeated the process….The Before- bottom drawer


The top drawer before…a mish-mash of food and ice packs!  (My son had knee surgery in May, thus, the ice packs!)


The results…..  BOTTOM DRAWER  (breakfast foods on the left, dinner food on the right)

Yeah, don’t ask about the frozen pina coladas…they’ve been in there a LONG time..but at least I found them now!  Notice the Frosty Paw treat for my doggie!!


TOP DRAWER…(veggies on the left, fruit in the center, sweet treats on the right)  We need some ICE CREAM!!!


Whew, good thing it was trash/recycling day…I had a lot of empties to recycle!!

Feel free to join me on this 91 day challenge…it will be a lot of work, but SO WORTH IT!!!

Here is the schedule for the next few weeks…


Tomorrow I will be decluttering my pantry!  Check back to see my progress!!


  1. Gina Ripperda says:

    Awesome job!


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