Handy Dandy Tip of the Day- Hanging Laundry Outside


I like to hang clothes on the line outside as much as the next person- oh, that wonderful smell!  What I don’t like is using clothes pins to actually hang the clothing.  Why not just hang them on clothes hangers and save yourself a step?  When they’re dry, simply take them off the line and hang them in your closet!!  Save money and time…Score!

Do you like to hang your clothing outside???

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  1. Sue Mackey says:


  2. Theresa Nickerson says:

    Good idea Jill… I love hanging clothes on the line… but what I have found out thou is that when you do hang them on hangers on they end up having lumps or marks from the end of the hangers when you do wear the item.. .. So what I end up doing is usually waiting a while and drying them upside down and before they are completely dry but are dry on the top I would put them on hangers. I do like the pants hanger ideas a lot will have to try that.

    • Theresa…thanks for posting! I haven’t had the problem of leaving marks but I sometimes worry about the color fading in the shirts, etc. I try to hang them early in the morning when there’s shade over my clothes line. Glad there’s another fan of hanging clothes outside!! Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  3. When I hung my laundry outside, items on hangers sometimes would blow away! I always found them again, but it was annoying to re-wash them. I solved this problem by using cheap wire hangers and bending them around the clothesline so they couldn’t fall off, then un-bending them to hang in the closet. That type of wire tolerates a lot of bending back and forth before it breaks.

    Now I have clotheslines in my basement. Because I work outside the home, I’m often doing laundry after dark, and it’s nice not to have to worry about bringing in the laundry if the weather changes. Here’s lots of advice on line-drying!