Shredding Chicken…the easy way!!!

My son had a graduation party recently and I was in charge of making the food.  He requested that I make “Chipotle Bowls” with all the fixin’s.  For those who don’t know, chipotle bowls are basically seasoned chicken cooked, shredded and thrown into some lettuce.  Of course we like to add all of the goodies like cheese, guacamole, fritos and sour cream.

After buying way too much chicken, I marinated it, hubby grilled it and then  it came down  to shredding it.  Luckily, I remembered something I had seen on the internet about shredding chicken…using a mixer to shred it!!  So I gave it a try!  Here’s what happened next!

I shred about 16 pounds of chicken in 15 minutes…isn’t that amazing!!  Give this a try when you need to shred chicken- it’s quick and will save you a ton of work!!

Happy Cooking!!

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  1. Sue Mackey says:

    Who knew??? Good job, girlfriend! Thanks for the wonderful tip! And the video turned out just fine! =)