Lessons from the Eagles Concert…

It takes a lot for this country girl to go to the big city.  I’m almost embarrassed to say that I haven’t been to Milwaukee’s “Summerfest” for about 20 years.  Summerfest is a week long music festival that attracts many of today’s popular musicians and groups of all genres.  My idea of a good time is to avoid huge crowds and to never have to wait in line for a bathroom.  Needless to say, I’m not a Summerfest fan.

Our family has this tradition to watch a wonderful DVD of the Eagles from their “Hell Freezes Over Tour” in Australia.  We watch it several times a year and enjoy it every. single. time.  So when I heard that the Eagles were coming to town, I knew this would be a once in a lifetime moment to get my whole family to the concert. So, on Sunday, July 7th I went to Summerfest. (insert dramatic music here)

We sat at the Marcus Amphitheater with 24,000 of our closest friends and watched the concert.  I have to admit that I purposely dehydrated myself so I wouldn’t have to get up and pee during the concert!!!

We got there a little early so we burnt time by taking pictures…here are the boys…

Here is Little Missy… (she also wanted to let you know that she took the picture at the top of the post!)

We were thoroughly enjoying the concert…rocking with the best of them.  Then there was that awkward moment…

The moment when they played “Love will keep us alive.”  This lovely couple stood up and started dancing and making out…and dancing for the whole song!  AWKWARD.  I was praying to the good Lord that my 11 year old daughter wasn’t watching too closely!  Oh My!  “Down in front” is what I really wanted to yell, but I decided to let them “have their moment”.  Aren’t I nice?

Who knew that concert goers don’t sway back and forth with their lighters anymore…hello…it’s 2013.  This crowd took out their phones and swayed back and forth using the light from their phones…Duh, I’m so old!

After 3 hours,  4 encores, the concert was done, we were parched, and we worked our way back to the festival parking lot– Again, along with 24,000 of our friends.  Next time we’ll know not to park in a parking lot with only one exit.

The moment that totally made my night came while walking back to the car after the concert.  One boy said “Wow, they played for 3 hours and my fingers get tired after playing 3 songs on Guitar Hero.”  Another one, who shall remain nameless, said “I liked the concert because I could toot really loud and nobody knew.”   Priceless.


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