The Getaway…it’s a good thing!!


I had an amazing weekend!  Heading north to our cottage and escaping the hectic pace of life with 4 kids is something that hubby and I rarely do, but when we do, it’s so refreshing!!  and did I mention that we left those kids at home???  Yeah, I always have some anxiety about leaving them, even though they are all old enough to stay by themselves!!  What will they do for fun? What will they eat? Will they ever go to bed??

They actually did fine without us though they did mention something about “Mc Donalds” and “China Kitchen.”  Gotta love grandparents who live close and take them out for dinner!!

Even amidst the anxiety, I managed to enjoy myself–the 2 hour car trip was wonderful.  Hubby and I discussed various parenting issues and how we would handle them, without the kids being close by to hear our “plan.”

The weather was perfect!  I sat and read a book uninterrupted for over an hour!  My head may or may not have bobbed a few times while reading.  We had an opportunity to rediscover a hobby that we both enjoyed as kids–fishing.  We registered for our fishing license, bought a container of worms and took off for the lake to catch a “whopper!”

The biggest surprise to me was that while fishing wasn’t so lucrative, I enjoyed capturing some wonderful moments on my new camera!  There was  a wonderful shot of John fishing with his favorite walking buddy…

Another shot that I especially enjoyed was our labrador’s first time IN the lake!  She has never actually been IN a lake….I know, she’s a sissy city dog!!


Then there was a shot of our teacup yorkie that thinks she’s a labrador….she was so tuckered out after an afternoon of fishing that she couldn’t keep her eyes open while driving back to our cottage!!

As we were leaving the lake, I snapped this photo…I’ve made it my new screensaver!!

These were the moments that over-rode my anxiety about leaving the kids behind over the weekend.  It gives me hope that hubby and I will actually be able to “put up” with each other when the kids all grow up and leave the nest.  Going away was so worth it!!  Thanks to all involved in making it a great weekend for us!!


  1. Awesome Jill! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Tamara Fink says:

    You’re a great writer & photographer! We loved having Anna around!

  3. Good for you and john…it is nice to slip away once in a while…glad you had a great time