Simplifying your Jewelry!

Welcome back to Jill on the Hill!!  When we remodeled our bathroom last Fall, I was forced to move my jewelry out of my bathroom and relocate it.  It was such a mess.  I had all of my jewelry and whole bunch of other junk in a drawer of my vanity.   Obviously, I didn’t need or want half of the “stuff” that was in that drawer so it was time to take action!

I started by dumping all of the items in that drawer into a big pile….

I physically touched every item and made three piles….TRASH, KEEP, and BELONGS SOMEWHERE ELSE.

Next up was sorting items into categories.   Here are the watches and bracelets…(Yes, those are swatch watches–I’m a child of the 1980’s!!!)

I found this cute jewelry tree from Target (I think) that now holds my bracelets.

Here are my earrings.  Because I don’t own a huge amount of small earrings, I found a container from Michaels Craft Store in the bead section that will hold them all.  For the larger earrings, I found a container in the travel section from Target that I can just toss them into.

I’ve had this ring organizer in a drawer forever… I feel good that I’m finally using it!

As for necklaces, I found this item at Hobby Lobby.  I can’t even tell you what it’s purpose is….??!!  I love that it says Mr and Mrs– as if my husband will wear these too!!!  haha!  The only problem I’ve found using this is that because the sterling silver is exposed to air, some of the necklaces do tarnish easily.

There you have it– jewelry simplified!!

Let me know if and how you simplify your jewelry!!

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  1. Awesome organizing Ms. Jilly!!