Simplifying the Bedroom- Part 2

Welcome back to Simplifying the Bedroom…this is part 2!

In order to be motivated to change something, there’s usually a problem that pushes you to that point.

Meet Motivator #1…

The tower of books.

This tower of books sits below, under and around my nightstand.  Yes, I have varied taste in reading material…

Solution:  move the other matching nightstand here and move this piece across the room.

I got a grip on my reading and put many of the books on a bookshelf in our sun room and kept only a few favorites and stashed them in the bottom drawer.  In the top drawer I’m storing some lotions, chapsticks, tv remote, notepad and pen.  See? Clutter-free!!

Motivator #2…Too many accessories to dust around

Look closely and you will see 8….yes, 8 accessories on the dresser.  My new rule is  3.  On this large dresser I decided to have 3 plus the clock.

Super simple to dust around!!

Simple decor on top of the tv cabinet…and I love that I can close the cabinet to hide the tv!!

Motivator #3

Huge, old, dated drawer pulls…

We  went to our local hardware store and changed them to simple drawer pulls with hardly any effort at all…

and last, but not least….Motivator #4

An old, brightly patterned duvet cover…

It was pretty and I loved it 10 years ago, but I was looking for a more muted color now.  Also, my new bedding is a comforter, not a duvet cover. (I used to dislike the bunching of the filler inside the duvet cover.)

Here’s the final choice of bedding… simple and easy on the eyes….perfect!!

I love our “new” bedroom changes!! It’s a good thing because I’m sure we will keep them around for another 10 years!!

Thanks for joining me on this simplifying adventure!!

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  1. Melanie VandenBerg says:

    As always… excellent ideas!

  2. Nice!!

  3. Sue Mackey says:

    Very good, Jill.

  4. Want to come help me with mine?

  5. Looks Great jilly, Did you paint also, if not II really like the color that I’m seeing on my computor.


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