Simplifying the Bedroom Part 1

This is the year…..the year that I am taking the time to simplify my life!!  I’m very excited to show you a room that we’ve been working on recently…our bedroom.   Here’s our old bedroom.

I LOVED this bedroom!  We painted it this pink color to add some color to our normally off-white walls.  I hired a friend who has a wonderful eye for decorating to purchase the accessories for all of the table tops, etc.  I thought she did a great job!!   Here’s the problem-  It’s been this way for 10 years–nothing has moved or changed for 10 years!!  It was certainly time for an update!!  and by the way, God bless my husband who has been living with a floral comforter for 10 years!!!  I guess he’s manly enough that it didn’t bother him!

My goal for this room was to neutralize the walls and make the room less “girly” and more “traditional” and simplify the accessories”

Changing the wall color was easy, but we debated if we wanted to buy new furniture.  It was an easy decision for me, because I really liked the furniture, even if it’s 18 years old or so.  In the end, we kept the old stuff and just replaced the handles with more simple and current hardware. (Make note of the lovely huge, brass pulls on the screams 1990’s)

Another goal I wanted to achieve was to simplify the accessories.

I’ve found that having fewer, larger accessories is much better and easier to clean around than having  more, small accessories.

Here’s the result…..

We are loving the chocolate brown walls and tan ceiling, and I’m love, love, loving the new accessories!!

Here’s another view…

I’m still debating if I want to put a picture or decorative element over the bed instead of the piece that’s there now.  Also, I’m thinking of replacing the flower photo (on the right) with 2 shelves, but that would involve more dusting!!  Decisions, decisions……

I’m loving the pops of color with the “chia pet”(ha ha) on the tv cabinet and with the blue in the flowers…

Well, what do you think???  Please leave me a comment and let me know your favorite part of the makeover!!!

Stay tuned later this week for “Simplifying the bedroom- Part 2!”


  1. Jill…
    It is really beautiful…loving the chocolate brown with blue accents. Especially now that we have made everything neutral in every room in the house to prepare to sell it. Miss my colors & “my things” around to comfort me as I go from room to room.
    Gma Kate

    • Thank you, Kate! I didn’t know you guys were moving…I know that will be hard! New adventures await!!

  2. Nice Job guys!!!!


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