Storing bags and gift bags

My utility closet often becomes a dumping ground for anything that needs to be put away but I’m too lazy to find a place for it.  Because we have a large family,  we have numerous bags from the grocery store coming into the house each week- both paper and plastic.  Today I wanted to share with you a system I recently developed for storing all of those bags (gift bags included.)  I learned this tip from attending a class taught by  the Clutter Coach, Kathi Miller.

Break down your paper bags, fold them in half, and store them inside one of the paper bags.

Do the same thing with all of those gift bags and tissue paper…

This is how they look on the shelf….all nice, neat and contained!  Oh, how I remember the days when I would open the closet and an avalanche of bags would fall down right onto my head!!

Let’s not forget about those pesky plastic grocery bags….I usually have 15 or so new ones come into my house each week…it’s hard to tame those suckers!!! Here’s my solution for corralling them all…

A fabric container that holds quite a few plastic bags hung by a super fancy (ha) hook.  The theory is that you pull the bags out of the bottom of the container, but sometimes I’m a rebel and pull them out  from the top!!!

Now here’s the secret….when your container is full, you cannot keep anymore. You have to recycle them or get rid of them somehow!

That’s it for today…..let me know if you try this!  It’s a way to start small on your simplifying journey!


  1. Sue Mackey says:

    Good job, Jillie! <3

  2. Jill – great idea about getting rid of bags that don’t fit in that cloth baggie holder. After mine is stuffed, I tend to save more bags on the floor of my pantry! Out they go!