Cleaning Stainless Steel the Easy Way…

When we remodeled our kitchen a few years ago, we switched from having a “regular” fridge to a stainless steel fridge.  With my old fridge, I probably wiped it down twice a year!  I just didn’t see the dirt, food and fingerprints on the front!

Well, with this fridge, it’s a different story.  Because I have 6 people in my home using the fridge daily, I see LOTS of things….spills, drips, fingerprints, etc.  Want to see what I see??  Here it is..

and don’t even get me started on the dishwasher…

Because of these drips, I’m tempted to want to clean them up on a daily basis.  I’ve settled on cleaning these appliances once a week and I’ve found a wonderful product that is easy to use and not too expensive.

Pledge Revitalizing Oil has been GREAT to clean my stainless steel!  Simply spray it on the item you want to clean…

and wipe back and forth with the “grain.”

In no time, my fridge and dishwasher look like this….

Now, if I could get one of the kids to clean these for me, that would be PERFECT!!  Happy Cleaning!!


  1. Sue Mackey says:

    Thanks for the good information. I could start a store of my own with all of the things I’ve tried….and nothing worked as well as I wanted……

  2. Great info Jill…we remodeled our kitchen not long ago and went with Stainless Steel appliances as well…and found the same issue as you…but glad to hear that you don’t try to tackle cleaning them daily (since that’s about how long it takes for them to show marks)…weekly cleaning has worked for me as well…and now I’m going to get out there and purchase this product as well! Thanks for the info!

  3. Thanks Jill…. You are a great help!