Winter Favorites 2013

Introducing….my Winter Favorites 2013 !!
Some of these beauties have been a part of my life for awhile and some are fairly new.  Let’s take a closer look at each one.

1.  Method Laundry Detergent. The detergent itself is not what I’m crazy about…notice we get the free and clear…we’re sensitive souls over here!!  What I am crazy about is the dispenser!  Check it out…It’s a PUMP!  What’s smart about this? No more dripping detergent from using the cups…I was seriously tired of the goop that had formed on and down the sides of my detergent bottles.  The pump solves that problem!  Because this bottle only holds 25 loads worth of detergent, I just keep refilling it with my Tide Free and Clear and we’re good to go!  Love it!
2.  Charter Over-sized, Extra- Capacity photo album from Exposures.  After years and years of scrap booking, I have decided to stop.  Instead I am just placing pictures into albums chronologically for each of my kids.  Here’s a closer look…

What I like about this album is…it holds up to 960 photos in one album, you can choose different styles of refill pages and the cover or spine can be personalized.   These albums are pricy, so make sure you wait for their 40 % off sale!!
3. Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.  You can find this devotional at Target or Walmart.  This is the daily devotional that I’ve been using since last March…
I like the fact that it’s simple to use–  if you know the date, you know which page to read.  If you want to dig even deeper, there are 2 bible passages to look up and read that relate to what you’ve just read.  For a busy Momma like me, I need the daily reminders of what’s important…
4.  Clean Warm Cotton Perfume from Sephora.  I discovered this scent 2 summers ago and fell in love with its clean, fresh fragrance.  If you’re a fan of Downy fabric softener, you’ll love this scent!

5.  Soft Lips Lip Protectant and Sunscreen in Raspberry from Target.  Living in a cold climate can really take a toll on your skin, and your lips are no exception.  This stuff glides on and smells good too.  It doesn’t last a long period of time on your lips, so you may have to reapply frequently, but that will just give you an opportunity to buy another flavor when the old one runs out.

As always, these opinions are all my own and I have no connection with any of these companies…. Hope you enjoyed seeing my Winter 2013 favorites!!!


  1. Sue Mackey says:

    I enjoyed this very much. Learned some new things about you, too! Very interesting.

  2. Love these, thanks!!

  3. Becky, Robbie and I read “Jesus Calling” each morning (sometimes racing around the kitchen with Pop Tarts hanging out of our mouths…but, still) and love it. Stretches us to slow down with our busy lives and not miss the God moments. Thanks for sharing your tips…especially Soft Lips! 🙂


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