Happy 5th Birthday, Bella!!

We are celebrating today!!!  Bella turns “5”!!  We adopted her from the Humane Society….she had such a cute face!  We couldn’t resist her!  Here’s a photo of when she was in the cage at the humane society…..can you believe someone gave her up???

We were so lucky to find her!  Before we could take her home, she had to be spayed, so I visited her every day so she would get to know me……

From the minute we brought her home, she was HOME…….

She is such a good sport!!!

and it’s totally fine that she thinks a lake is a big dog dish…

She doesn’t even care that she doesn’t have a big doggie stroller to ride in on walks….

She cheers for the right team…..

She’s a good friend to Minnie Moo…..

and she’s especially cute when she sleeps….

Happy Birthday, Bella…..We love you!!   (Yes, I realize she will never see this post…. I guess you’ll understand this post if you’ve have ever had a pet!!)




  1. Laurie Zagorski says:

    LOVE this! Happy Birthday to Bella and family!

  2. I love you, Bella! you are ideal and so, so loving! And you did a wonderful job with this birthday tribute, Ms. Jill!

  3. Theresa L. says:

    Made me smile!!!!! Love it 😉 Happy Late Birthday Bella!!!! She is one lucky dog! And she has a very lucky family 🙂

  4. Doris McDonald says:

    I really enjoy reading your blog and especially enjoyed this one about Bella. We don’t have a pet but I can definitely see how they can become another member of the family. Happy late birthday Bella!