Beautiful Birds

It’s Wintertime here in Wisconsin and we’re beginning to have snow now!!  Finally!!  Because the snow has covered the ground and food is limited, the birds in the area have flocked to our bird feeders.  I tease my hubby that he has the best bird buffet around…it’s the Ponderosa of bird feeders!! We offer one big feeder that has a variety of seeds and nuts, a round cage type feeder filled with peanuts, and a suet feeder.  Around the corner of the house, we have 2 finch feeders with thistle seed and a mix of various sunflower seeds. While it’s frustrating that the feeders need to be filled on a daily basis, it’s fun to sit and watch the beautiful birds that come to be fed.

There are beautiful cardinals….

and a few different woodpeckers….

Even some birds that have a bad reputation come to the feeder….Everyone is WELCOME!!

We enjoy them ALL!!!


  1. You can definitely keep the woodpeckers! They have drilled holes through our siding for many years in a row. Love seeing the bird pictures though!!

  2. Deb- I can’t tell you how many Saturday mornings we have been awakened by the rat-a-tat-tapping of those woodpeckers!! They’re pretty, but can be very annoying sometimes!!