A Clean & Organized Car

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 I want to preface this post by speaking to all of the Moms that have little ones at home.  Do not read this post and think you’re a bad Mom because your car is never clean and organized!  When I had 4 kids under the age of nine, my VAN was a wreck.  There was [...]

Week in Review April 11, 2014


Because we don’t eat out very often, when we do it’s a big TREAT!  Our week started out great when we had dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  The most fun was listening to the kids try (and I mean TRY) to order and speak Spanish to the waiter.  I ordered my favorite, chicken quesadillas! [...]

Spring Favorites 2014


Hello and WELCOME to my Spring Favorites for 2014!  This post will be about products that I am LOVING right now! Disclaimer:  All opinions are my own, and I am NOT being compensated for any of these products! First up….Take a look at these beauties! Does your dog have a hard time taking medicine?  Pills [...]

Week in Review April 4th, 2014


Exciting things happened this week at our home… A bridal shower!! We had a fabulous celebration for this lovely lady…my future daughter in law! Yes, we made her wear the glasses and sash!! We had all kinds of amazing food, treats and beverages!! (the bridesmaids brought most of the food!)  I thought the cupcakes fashioned [...]

Battery Organization


For years I kept all of my batteries in an old baby wipe box.  While it looked good on the outside because I could close the top and put it on the shelf, the batteries were all jumbled up, and the box was filled with different sized batteries.  Our boys were constantly looking for replacement [...]

Week in Review March 28, 2014


Last weekend the boys were home from college and they all needed haircuts.   My oldest decided he wanted to learn how to “buzz” his brothers hair, so this was his first swipe…scary, huh?  He called it the “Dr. Phil” haircut. This girl did some dog sitting…well, not literally sitting on dogs, but she had [...]

Jill’s Baking Tips: Muffins & Cakes


This week I’m continuing with my Baking Tip series.  Today we’re talking about muffins and cakes!  If you missed the last baking tip post about cookies, you can find it HERE. Muffins  Always preheat your oven before baking muffins. Spray muffin tins with cooking spray or use a little shortening on a paper towel.  ( [...]

Week in Review- 3-21-14


Happy Friday, everyone!!  If you’re new here, WELCOME!  Each Friday I share a few pictures from my week and tell the stories behind the pictures! These goonie-loonies were all home last weekend.  It was fun, chaotic and messy- all at the same time! Son #1 is on Spring Break and Son #2 just came home [...]

Jill’s Baking Tips: Cookies!

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One of my faithful readers, Christen, requested a blog post on my best baking tips.  While I’m certainly not a professional, I do have a few tips, and I’m happy to share! Let’s get started!   Here are my best tips for baking cookies! COOKIES Take off your rings or any bracelets when baking! If you’re [...]

Week in Review- 3-14-14


Welcome to my week in review!  A quick look at the highlights and even a few low lights of my week! This time change thing really threw me for a loop this week.  Monday morning I woke up a half an hour late and found that the kids were up and getting ready for school [...]