Week in Review- August 28th, 2015

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This, my friends, has been the busiest week of the year for us!!  With the pressures of school starting next week, our college son gathering his “stuff” to move back to school and getting our home ready to put on the market, we are just looking for the excuses to have fun- and we have […]

Week in Review- Roadtrip Edition!! 8-21-15

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Last Friday, we packed up the car, grabbed who was able to go, and made the trip to Iowa to visit Hubby’s parents.  Unfortunately, only Hubs, Sweet Pea and I were able to go and we made the best of it. We always know that we are getting close to our hometown (We both grew […]

My Week in Review- 8-14-2015

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Oh, summer, where have you gone?? Didn’t our kids just get out of school?  On Facebook I’m seeing so many cute pictures of their kids first day of school- unbelievable!  Thank goodness we don’t start until September! I can tell the natives are getting a little restless around here, but they’re finding things to do! […]

The Dinner Tag!


I saw this tag by Samantha of Happily A Housewife and I am THRILLED to share my answers to these 10 questions!! The Dinner Tag Favorite Crockpot Meal: Lasagna & Angel Chicken Favorite Easy Clean Up Meal: Meatball Subs- use this recipe & add to hot dog buns Favorite Pinterest Dish: Baked Sandwiches Healthiest Dinner […]

Week in Review- My Weekly Favorites! 8-7-15


[ ONE] It’s always a great day when these cuties stop by! (Son #1 and his wife) They were headed to an out of town wedding.  Don’t they look nice??  They ARE nice! [TWO] Hooray for the almost finished knotty pine ceiling in the sun room of our new house!  It just needs a little […]

Saving Money: Buying Meat in Bulk

Buying Meat in Bulk- Jillonthehill.com

If you have a weekly grocery budget, meat is an item that can easily break that budget.  When I see a good deal on hamburger, I certainly want to take advantage of it! The intimidation factor is high because it’s usually in a 5 or 10 pound package.  I saw a 5 pound package the […]

Week in Review- Home Alone Edition 7-31-15

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Can you even believe that the moons aligned just right and Hubby and I found ourselves at home, ALONE, all weekend?  Yeah, you might wanna read that again!  Yes, ALL of the kids were banished out and about with friends all weekend and there we were, looking blankly at each other wondering what to do […]

Cashew Chicken Salad


Here I am, once again, sharing a recipe that gets rave reviews from friends & family!  This particular recipe is one that I only make in the summertime and it’s best served very COLD! Perfect for a hot, summer day!!  I have to give credit to my friend, Julie, for the recipe!  Isn’t it great […]

Week in Review- July 24th, 2015

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Gosh, we haven’t done an Awesome vs. Awkward post for awhile so LET’S GO FOR IT!! //Awesome// Summer Days with no schedule!! More time to Chillax with the pups! //Awkward// Accidentally washing my dark brown shirt with a dog bed.  Not a good idea. //Awesome// Son #2 making his lunch daily and taking it to […]

Summer Favorites 2015

Summer favs 2015

Summer is about half way done for us and I’ve got some pretty fun items to share with you for my Summer Favorites 2015! *This post may contain affiliate links This first item is for those of you who play sports or have kids that play sports- The Gatorade Squeeze Water Sports Bottle. This is […]