Week in Review- October 31st, 2014

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My week in review….Welcome back!  This week I’m going back to “Awesome vs. Awkward!” AWESOME – Trip to Iowa last weekend.  Here are a few of the events. Celebrating October Birthdays! (Grandpa 91, Sweet Pea 13, and Son #3 16) Mandarin Orange Cake! Steak dinner at Gma & Gpas house! Selfie with Grandma! Helping with [...]

Fall Favorites 2014

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I’m always so excited to share products that I love and have been using faithfully!  Today I’m sharing 4 of my favorites!  Let’s get started!! First up, Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse.  I tried this foundation in the Summer and I really liked it so I’m continuing to use it this Fall.  Right now I’m mixing [...]

Week in Review- October 24th, 2014


Well, it has certainly been all about Minnie Moo this week!  (Minnie is my 5 pound yorkie.) This little critter had such a bad skin infection that she was ordered by a vet to buy a either a “cone of shame” or a t-shirt, so she wouldn’t lick the wounds.  Let me tell you, it [...]

The Shoe Switcheroo!

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Is it time yet?  I think it is! Goodbye Summer sandals & flip flops!  It’s time to bring out the Fall clogs and boots!! My process starts by kindly asking hubby to reach Waaaaaay up on the top shelf to get down the out of season shoes.  He always obliges…it makes him feel like a [...]

Week in Review- October 17th, 2014

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In case you’re wondering, I’m still basking in all of the beautiful color in our area! But I must say that the rain this week took down many leaves from the trees in our backyard!  Boo! I made 11 pounds of pasta for a teen dinner at our church- yeah, that’s a lotta pasta! Hubby [...]

Crock Pot Favorites Volume #1

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May I present to you my very first round up of my Favorite Crock Pot recipes!  If you’re looking for super healthy food, you’ve come to the wrong place…this is comfort food, baby!  Perfect for busy days and chilly nights! Here we GO! Simply click on the link and you will be directed to the [...]

Week in Review- October 10th, 2014


Because my week wasn’t especially WiLd & CrAZy, I decided to post my fabulous 5! 1. THIS CANDY This candy is not only cute, it’s bite sized, and it’s all almost gone. 2. THIS PICTURE I’m in LOVE with Fall!  It’s so pretty here in Wisconsin!  I’m enjoying all of the beautiful colors in the [...]

Taking My Profile Picture


After a year or so with the same bloggie profile picture, I decided to switch things up and change it.  Luckily, I have a son that knows the little details on the technical side of switching my picture, so all I had to do was take the picture!  Well, that proved to be interesting and [...]

Week in Review- October 3, 2014

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Oh, I don’t know how to feel about this week.  It’s good, it’s bad, and you know we ALWAYS have our awkward moments! Let’s start out with the Good/Bad. This girl turned 13….yes 13.  As I just typed that, the thought occurred to me that I now have 3 TEENAGERS under the roof of my [...]

Crafting A God Centered Schedule


   Is your schedule running you? or are you running your schedule? Are you feeling tired, overwhelmed and exhausted? Me too!!  I recently read a book that helped me learn to prioritize my life by simplifying my schedule.  In his book, Simplify, Bill Hybels first talks about what is draining you and encourages you to [...]