Week in Review- July 3rd, 2015

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Our week started with a big treat…a trip to The Cheesecake Factory!  It was just Hubby, Sweet Pea and I, so we had a nice dinner and then ended on a sweet note- White Chocolate, Caramel & Macadamia Nut Cheesecake!  Oh, it was so decadent! On the way home from dinner, we decided to wander […]

Corn on the Cob- The Easy Way!

Easy Corn

I tried it, I tried it, and it works!!!   My Mom has been telling me about this way of microwaving corn on the cob and I’ve been hesitant to try it.  I guess the reason why I haven’t used this method is because I RARELY cook just 2 or 3 cobs of corn- it’s usually […]

Week in Review- Father’s Day Edition 5-26-2015

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Welcome to the Father’s Day Edition of my Week in Review!!  As many of you know, any celebration at our house begins with the FOOD, and we had PLENTY to go around!  We decided to make it easy peasy and order a bunch of chicken, mashed potatoes & gravy and good ol’ coleslaw from K.F.C.  […]

12 Elements of a Productive Laundry Room

Laundry room

Because we are building a home and I want to design a laundry room that is totally functional, I decided to do a little research before we designed our space.  Thankfully, I ran into a website called The Clutter Diet and Lori had some great tips on designing a laundry room.  I watched one of […]

Week in Review- June 19, 2015

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Some of the many athletic camps and activities have started this week for the kids.  I’ve heard so many complaints about sore muscles and “sweatyness” this week!  I let our dogs outside through the patio doors yesterday and saw this lovely sibling bonding. Obviously, some are more flexible than others… Also, we have this amazing […]

Ham & Asparagus Bundles


Years ago I subscribed to a meal plan called 5 dinners one hour. The gist is that you get 5 dinner meal plans for the week and the grocery list is already generated for you. You shop, come home and prepare all of the dinner meals for the week in about an hour.  Great concept, […]

Week in Review- June 12th, 2015

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Hi and welcome back to my Week in Review, where I share pictures from my life here in the great state of Wisconsin! This week was especially chaotic- with the end of the school year, getting ready to have kids home all day and the building of our new house, I’m ready to fall down. […]

Folding Whites: Making it Easier!


I dread the days when I have to launder whites- there, I said it.  Why do I despise it so??  Maybe it’s because it takes much longer than folding darks, maybe it’s because all of the items are so little and the pile never seems to disappear!  I’m not sure, but I found a secret […]

Week in Review- “Up North” Edition! 6-5-2015

PicMonkey Collage-Up North Edition

Wanna get away??  We sure did!  It was time for a break from the hustle and the bustle of every day life. Packing the car was easy.  We loaded up our stuff, the fam, the pups and headed north!  “Up North” is what they call it around here! Expectations here are pretty simple.  Rest, Read […]

Ask Ms. Jilly- How to get perfectly softened butter, quickly!


A reader asks: I want to make cookies, but my butter isn’t soft.  How can I soften it quickly? This has happened to me countless times!  I want to eat the dough make cookies, but my butter is still as hard as a rock.  I’ve tried a number of ways, but none have given me […]