Week in Review- October 9th, 2015

PicMonkey Collage- Bday

 Our week started out SUPER DEE DUPER as we celebrated Sweet Pea’s 14th birthday!! Her actual birthday was Friday, so we had her “call the shots” all evening.  Starting with dinner, she asked if Dad could please pick up food from her favorite restaurant- Potbellies!  Of course he was happy to stop !  With the […]

Week in Review- October 2nd, 2015


Growing up, my husband had a small book in his collection called “Happiness is….a warm blanket.” The book was based on characters from the Peanuts cartoon. I’m not quite sure why he loved the book, but I loved the book because it celebrated the little things in life!  It DIDN’T say happiness is winning the […]

Week in Review- September 25th, 2015

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    Happy first few days of Fall!!  I have been loving the slow transition from Summer to Fall.  In Wisconsin, many times we enjoy the Summer temperatures, have about a week of comfortable Fall weather and then plummet right into Winter.  This year has been great for me!!   Our college son made an […]

Week in Review- September 18, 2015

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Hello and welcome back, folks!!  It’s been pretty exciting week on the “New Home” front lately!  I’m loving the kitchen back splash in my kitchen.  It looks very similar (almost exactly) to my current kitchen!  Why change it if you love it?? The landscapers finished up the final grading and pulled out some of the […]

My Favorite Perfumes- 2015

Great pic

        Happy by Clinque-  This has been my go-to perfume for years!  It’s one of Clinique’s top selling perfumes.  A friend of mine had worn it and I just loved the scent…it truly makes me HAPPY!! Clean Warm Cotton– I found this scent at Sephora when I was just “smelling around.”  This […]

Week in Review- 9-11-2015

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    Well, here I am again, highlighting the good things in my week!  I truly believe if you focus on the positive, your brain won’t fixate on the negative! Without further adieu, Here WE GO!!! [[ ONE]] This one single leaf on my burning bush that has decided to have a party without telling […]

Week in Review- September 4th, 2015

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Yes, I know this post is going up a day late.  Better late than never, right??  All because of this thing called a “hard drive” that went bad….that’s why this post is late.  I’m so happy to have my computer back now!!! It’s back to school week in Wisconsin!  We said “good bye for now” […]

Crock-Pot Applesauce!


It all started when my realtor suggested I should buy some green apples, gather them in a bowl and display them on the island of our kitchen.  I obliged, the pictures of the house were taken, and there I was left with 17 green apples in a bowl in the kitchen. My mind quickly went […]

Week in Review- August 28th, 2015

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This, my friends, has been the busiest week of the year for us!!  With the pressures of school starting next week, our college son gathering his “stuff” to move back to school and getting our home ready to put on the market, we are just looking for the excuses to have fun- and we have […]

Week in Review- Roadtrip Edition!! 8-21-15

PicMonkey Collage-Roadtrip

Last Friday, we packed up the car, grabbed who was able to go, and made the trip to Iowa to visit Hubby’s parents.  Unfortunately, only Hubs, Sweet Pea and I were able to go and we made the best of it. We always know that we are getting close to our hometown (We both grew […]