Week in Review- December 19, 2014

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  It has just dawned on me that it’s only one week until Christmas and I have been a slacker.  I guess I could call myself a slacker, but maybe, just maybe, this is the calm before the storm.  Here’s what I’ve been up to….and I think this will be an Awesome vs. Awkward Edition!  [...]

Week in Review- My Fabulous Five- 12-12-14


Hello, friends….It’s the end of the week and I’m sharing the 5 best parts of my week!  Let’s get this party started! ~ONE~ Basketball!! Watching this girl play basketball- or just sitting OH SO LADY-LIKE while watching her teammates play.  If truth be told, she would love to just hang with her teammates, take locker [...]

Crock Pot Favorites Volume #2

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It’s that time again!!  Time to dust off your Crock Pot and make some good old warm, cozy food and let the machine do most of the work!! Here is my second round up of my Crock Pot favorites!  Which one will you make this week?? Crock Pot Pork Roast Pizza Casserole Grandma Ellie’s Chili [...]

Week in Review- Christmas Prep

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At our house, don’t even think about bringing out the Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving dinner is cleaned up! Yep, I’m one of “THOSE” people!!  We even waited 2 whole days after Thanksgiving to pull out the Christmas bins! Because hubby thinks 2 trees are necessary, I put him in charge of them!  How’s that for [...]

Make Your Own Fire Starters


I thought it was really strange when a friend of mine started asking me to save my dryer lint for her.  As you well know, my washer and dryer run pretty much 24/7 so it wasn’t a problem for me to rack up a large mass of dryer lint to give to her. Delivering the [...]

Week in Review- Thanksgiving Edition 2014

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  As with any get together, it usually starts with….laundry.  College boy was home and the Lovebirds stopped by to sleep over, so my laundry room looked like this.  I keep reminding myself that lots of laundry and shoes spread all over the room are a blessing. We ate the most delightful meal at our [...]

4 Ways to Reduce Your Laundry


  1.  Wear things more than once. Yes, I’m giving you permission- you’re not a dirty person, you’re just being SMART! Yes, it’s true- you CAN wear things more than once before you wash them.  In fact, I usually wear most things twice before I wash them, with the exception of undies and socks, of [...]

Week in Review- November 21st, 2014

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Oh, happy day friends, it’s the end of the week!  Gosh, our week has been pretty dull around here. I’m not complaining, because life is usually CrAzY!  Our week did include two family member’s birthdays that we celebrated all in one day- Score!  School conferences were this week- things were good.  High School basketball started [...]

Chewy Granola Bars


As much as I want my kids to eat healthfully, many times I resort to prepackaged food to send to school as a snack. All I have to do is simply take a look at the ingredients that are listed in the prepackaged food to know that it’s probably not the best choice for my [...]

Week in Review- November 14, 2014

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Happy Friday to ya!!  Here was our week in pictures! My week started last Friday by hosting most of Sweet Pea’s basketball team at our house for lunch and some bowling.  I made it super simple and made 3 pizzas and added some greens to add SOMETHING healthy!  Notice the paper bowls and plastic cutlery…yeah, [...]