4 Ways to Reduce Your Laundry


  1.  Wear things more than once. Yes, I’m giving you permission- you’re not a dirty person, you’re just being SMART! Yes, it’s true- you CAN wear things more than once before you wash them.  In fact, I usually wear most things twice before I wash them, with the exception of undies and socks, of [...]

Week in Review- November 21st, 2014

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Oh, happy day friends, it’s the end of the week!  Gosh, our week has been pretty dull around here. I’m not complaining, because life is usually CrAzY!  Our week did include two family member’s birthdays that we celebrated all in one day- Score!  School conferences were this week- things were good.  High School basketball started [...]

Chewy Granola Bars


As much as I want my kids to eat healthfully, many times I resort to prepackaged food to send to school as a snack. All I have to do is simply take a look at the ingredients that are listed in the prepackaged food to know that it’s probably not the best choice for my [...]

Week in Review- November 14, 2014

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Happy Friday to ya!!  Here was our week in pictures! My week started last Friday by hosting most of Sweet Pea’s basketball team at our house for lunch and some bowling.  I made it super simple and made 3 pizzas and added some greens to add SOMETHING healthy!  Notice the paper bowls and plastic cutlery…yeah, [...]

Tortellini Soup


The other day I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed and I ran into a picture that I just couldn’t ignore. I must have been hungry at the time because  I knew immediately that I had to try this recipe!   The recipe originated from a musical group called “Point of Grace.” Here are [...]

Week in Review- November 7th, 2014

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Well, let’s just get down to the knitty gritty and show you my Fabulous Five of the week! Son #3′s 16th birthday!! We celebrated his birthday AND getting his driver’s license by heading to the Bucks Game on Friday night!  Hubby splurged and bought really good seats! Yeah, we were so close we could almost [...]

Puppy Picks #2- The Tuffy Ultimate Gear Ring


In my first Puppy Pick post, I sure didn’t shy away for my love of the KONG! Well, today I’m sharing another of my favorites! My second Puppy Pick is from the Tuffie Toy Company!  This beauty is called the Ultimate Gear Ring and the pattern is red paws.  When I brought this home, Bella [...]

Week in Review- October 31st, 2014

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My week in review….Welcome back!  This week I’m going back to “Awesome vs. Awkward!” AWESOME – Trip to Iowa last weekend.  Here are a few of the events. Celebrating October Birthdays! (Grandpa 91, Sweet Pea 13, and Son #3 16) Mandarin Orange Cake! Steak dinner at Gma & Gpas house! Selfie with Grandma! Helping with [...]

Fall Favorites 2014

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I’m always so excited to share products that I love and have been using faithfully!  Today I’m sharing 4 of my favorites!  Let’s get started!! First up, Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse.  I tried this foundation in the Summer and I really liked it so I’m continuing to use it this Fall.  Right now I’m mixing [...]

Week in Review- October 24th, 2014


Well, it has certainly been all about Minnie Moo this week!  (Minnie is my 5 pound yorkie.) This little critter had such a bad skin infection that she was ordered by a vet to buy a either a “cone of shame” or a t-shirt, so she wouldn’t lick the wounds.  Let me tell you, it [...]